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Story from our farm

Book Organik came into existence almost 2 years ago. The main idea behind Book Organik has been to provide genuine organic food ingredients to consumers. Food items grown organically and free of chemical fertilizer and pesticides are generally believed to be expensive making people feel that it is out of their reach.
Keeping these in mind, Book Organik started a drive to supply organic food to the general public at nominal rates. In a span of one years, the company developed producers with small holdings, helping them with technology and genuine indigenous seeds/saplings.This is now helping them get adequate compensation for their produce while the prices for the consumers also have been kept within reach.
With its network of producers, the company is aiming at specialising in dry organics, particularly spices in Delhi NCR. The company has a plan to launch its own organic food brand with its own market distribution channel. It also plans to enter the e-commerce arena with its own branded products proposes to collaborate with brands to meet the requirements of organic products consumers.
The Directors of Book Organik have vision to expand the organic food company with several branches worldwide. The major concern about organic foods is the pricing which Book Organikhas also taken care off. The USP of Book Organik is that the products supplied are affordable for every one.
The Company is now ready to launch its brand in retail industry as well as through an e-commerce platform soon.

Quality Management

It is but obvious to maintain high quality of the products and services which we provide. So, quality is the key element for Book Organik that for.s a base for our company and have adapted in our culture in terms of both products and people. We maintain the quality by performing lab tests by APEDA registered labs for each and every samples we get.


At Book Organik, we believe in providing the best services. We fully try to accomplish your needs & demands. Our motto is to provide superior quality, innovation, creativity & value in many products category. Book Organik makes an assurance to supply quality products & provide product integrity. This complies with organic regulations & meet strict ethical standards. These all stick to the strict & rigorous standards, systems as well as procedures that ensure all the products our organization uses are safe, legal &; ethical.


  1. 1) To intensively promote organic farming in a sustainable manner & to explore domestic as well as global markets for the organic products that are either produced or traded.
  2. 2) Book Organik majorly focuses on improving the living standards of small as well as marginal farmers via fair trade practices.
  3. 3)We have an aim to expand our presence worldwide as a leading producer & supplier of authentic & certified organic products with best & superior quality.


  1. 1) 100% Customer satisfaction
  2. 2) Maintain compliance with organic food norms under varying schemes.
  3. 3) Contribution to local economy by fair price policy to our different cluster farmers.
  4. 4) Promoting Indian organic food products at national as well as global level
  5. 5) Expanding network of several companies majorly involved in organic industry.
Food Is Always Fresh

We bring clean food

100% Natural

We maintain high quality of the products.

Food Safety

Behaviour and activities contribute to the safety of food.

Family Healthy

Our approach involves helping your family make healthy.

Best Quality

We ensure quality products for customers satisfaction